Our Story

Welcome to The Absolute Collagen. We are Aliza and Shana the founders of Pilates on the Beach, Healthy on the Beach and The Absolute Collagen.

Our friendship began over 25 years ago. We connected immediately and as our friendship flourished, we realized we were also like-minded in all things health and wellness. As young mothers, we wanted to explore the health and wellness landscape to improve our lives and those of our families and friends. Eventually, we decided to go into business together in 2008 and opened Pilates on the Beach, a Pilates studio in the heart of Miami Beach. While the scope of Pilates is all about mindful movement and connecting the mind to the body, we were eager to delve even more deeply into educating ourselves and became certified Integrative Nutritionists through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

As we got older, we each had our own set of health issues to contend with. In our research of integrative nutrition, we saw the importance of finding the bio-individual lifestyle that helped us overcome some of the issues we had been experiencing. Through trial and error and many iterations, we discovered the benefits from taking hydrolyzed Collagen daily.

We are so happy to bring you The Absolute Collagen, an important part of our daily ritual, which has not only helped us, but also thousands of people with the repair and restoration of skin, hair, bones, muscles and joints. See what kind of benefits you experience with The Absolute Collagen.


XO, Aliza & Shana